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Timber Buyer, Loggining Company, and Consulting in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois

9 West Timber & Consulting is a full scale hunting lease and forest consulting company. Although we serve the forest landowners and hunters of Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa, our primary focus is marketing Indiana timber sales and Indiana hunting leases.  We enjoy the thrill of unlocking your lands hidden potential assets, proving that sometimes money really does grow on trees. If managed properly, your property’s hunting rights can be as valuable, or more valuable, than your timber.  If both are managed properly, they can become an unrealized source of perpetual, annual income.  Unlike most Indiana consulting foresters, we not only offer consulting forestry, but also cash hunting lease consulting, custom logging contract negotiations, and sometimes facilitate a cash deal for standing timber.  Although cash deals are rare, we can put them together if you have a good amount of exceptional quality and old growth timber. Visiting, scouting, mapping, and cruising every property and returning with valuable information as to the vitality and potential value of your deer hunting lease and timber is what makes our job like a treasure hunt.  What separates us from other timber companies and Indiana logging companies, is that we are able to sell standing timber from a consulting foresters approach and sell hunting leases and standing timber management plans in multiple states which include, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, and Michigan.

At 9 West, we are able to combine hunting lease agreements and timber management plans together to help grow, maintain, and improve the overall health and vitality of your wildlife, and standing timber. We are committed to long term mutual beneficial relationships that will allow us to help grow the valuable, and sometimes unrecognized, sources of income from your property. Our passion lies in the thrill of the hunt for big timber and big bucks; upon finding them, growing and maintaining big bucks and big timber. With our hunting lease program, we don’t just sell a map of your property on our website. We visit the property and offer to do a full inventory of wildlife and timber once a consulting contract has been agreed upon.  Our pride and passion is working in the field, collecting data and surveying your lands valuable resources. We are a full scale global internet marketing company with a passion for field work, including putting out the latest mineral supplements and inventorying deer and turkey with the latest trail cam technology.  After we collect this data we use it as a marketing tool to assure that your timber and hunting lease bring top dollar

"Josh grading logs on log yard"

Josh grading logs on log yard

Your hunting property for lease and standing timber sale is only going to be as valuable as the people you having managing and marketing your valuable natural resource. What would a hunter rather purchase, a hunting lease of just a map of the property, or a full scale, long term land lease for hunting and recreation, with the goals of growing and maintaining trophy whitetails?  By allowing the timber wood for sale to be cut months before the hunting lease property is ready to hunt, you allow the wildlife to thrive before the hunting season begins. As hunting lease and timber consulting experts, 9 West covers it all to insure the best fit with what you need.

We have an exclusive database of professional hunting lease network trophy hunters with a passion for quality whitetail, turkey and waterfowl hunting ground. We also have an extensive wood supply database that includes the top sawmills in the timber industry. It also includes top veneer buyers, and lumber and log producing companies, both domestic and foreign. With this database, we can assure you, the landowner, that your standing timber sales or log sale will be marketed in a global timber economy. Getting top dollar for your timber wood products is what we are all about. Every property is different; therefore, often your best buyers for specific species and quality will be different.

Just as you seek professional consulting and guidance regarding health, legal and financial matters, utilizing 9 West’s professional foresters and hunting lease consultants will provide you with reassurance that you’re receiving experience in managing your hunting lease and timberland for now and in the future. Our job is to sell your timber wherever the wood price and log prices will yield the most money, either to a sawmill or to veneer wood buyers. Our goal is to get top log prices. Remember, wood sales and the price of timber can vary greatly both seasonally and regionally. Let our expertise work to your advantage!

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