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Josh with a few trophy mounts

Are you sick and tired of having hunters hunt your property for free? Last year alone, there was 22.9 billion dollars spent on hunting related expenditures, including hunting leases. The average hunter spends $2,000 per year on hunting leases.  The value of the hunting rights on your property can increase every year and may be worth more than you realize. The average hunting lease will bring anywhere from $20-$50 per acre depending on how many hunters the property will comfortably support and the quality of the preexisting wildlife. We are looking for property across Indiana, Ohio and Illinois to lease to hunters seeking a quality piece of property to recreationally hunt without the added expense of owning property. This is especially ideal for landowners with vacant land seeking to earn extra income while increasing the value of their recreational property with no personal effort. Leasing out your property can dissolve any feuds between different parties that currently pay nothing to hunt on your land. It can also diminish trespassing and poaching, and can give you peace of mind knowing who exactly is hunting your property.

When we can capture pictures like this of bucks on your property, we will market the trail camera pictures with your hunting lease. This insures that your hunting lease will bring absolute top dollar

9 West takes all the pain out of leasing your hunting property by acting as a partner and agent for you and your property.  Our commitment to your property does not end once it is leased. We are on the cutting edge of the industries latest technology, using game scouting camera, proper deer herd nutrition and food plot placement. It’s not always enough to simply lease your hunting property, but having an agent working on your property who knows how to grow quality, mature, large bucks will help make your property more attractive to hunters. Let’s be honest, that’s what will keep quality hunters on your property and allow your property to bring big bucks.

We take care of the proper paperwork for the release of liability and all other insurance paperwork. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your new found income. Each property is personally inspected and given an approximate hunting lease value. We will work as a broker to match hunters that will fit with your property.  We will also give advice on improvements that can be made to your property to increase the value of your hunting lease. The more opportunities a hunter has to harvest a mature trophy animal, the more money your hunting lease is worth.

Josh and his "real trophies"

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