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Why Choose A 9 West Consulting Forester?

The age old questions from landowners trying to find out the best way to sell timber.   How should I sell my  timber?  How much is my timber worth?  Who is going to be able to get me the most money out of my timber?  Should I use a timber buyer, logging company, sawmill, veneer company or a consulting forester?

There is a simple answer to these questions. A timber buyer, logging company, sawmill or veneer company’s main goal is to try and buy your timber as cheap as possible.  Most timber buyers who work for logging companies, veneer companies, or sawmills work off of large commissions and most of them work off of profit sharing incentives to buy your timber for as little as possible.  Hiring a forestry consultant with 9 West Forestry Consulting means getting the absolute top dollar for your timber because our interests are the same. The more money your timber brings, they more money 9 West will earn.

A common misconception that landowners have is thinking that the bigger timber companies can pay more for timber simply because they are a large company. This could not be any further from the truth.  The bigger the timber company, sawmill, or veneer company, the more overhead they have. Therefore, they have to make large profit margins on the timber that they purchase.  So chance are if you have a big name timber company trying to buy your timber, they didn’t get to be a big company buy writing big checks for timber.  They buy timber cheap and they buy a lot of it.

Another common misconception is thinking that landowners will get paid more money for their timber if they hire a timber company that has foresters working for them.  Bottom line, these foresters work exclusively for their timber company employer. They do not have the opportunity to seek out who will pay the most for timber.  Some companies even boast that they have 15 full time foresters working for them.  This is a giant red flag, that they have way too many people working for them to be able to pay you top dollar for your timber.  Because they do have so many timber buyers/foresters working for them, they must have very large profit margins in order to employee that many timber buyers.  Although they would like you to think they are working for the landowner, at the end of the day they work for a large timber company with a sawmill that writes their paycheck.  These timber companies make so much money off of their timber, they can afford to saturate and flood their landowners with major marketing campaigns that paint them to be the best in the business. Being attached to all the right groups and associations and boasting about your foresters having degrees from major universities does not bring you top dollar from your timber.

At 9 West Timber Consulting, Josh Cruse, owner, has 17 years of real life, on the job experience. From early years of cutting timber and operating skidders and log loaders, to the mid part of his career of buying timber, selling logs and owning/ operating a sawmill has given Josh experience you can’t learn from a textbook  or sitting in a classroom. He has sold logs, lumber and timber to all of the top veneer companies and sawmills all over the Midwest as well as conducting business with the overseas log and lumber buyers.  This is the type of firsthand knowledge that allows me to consult with landowners on how to get the absolute top dollar out of timber.  With 17 years in the business, he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry.  He discovered that being a consulting forester is an honest, ethical, simplistic and rewarding way of doing business inside the timber industry.  It has been a long road learning what I know about the industry. Choosing to pursue a career in consulting forestry resulted after realizing one of his three young children may want to follow in their daddy’s footsteps, and this is what he would choose for them to do.  The best way to get top dollar out of your timber is by employing a 9 West Consulting forester who works on a mutually beneficial consulting agreement.  The more money we can get you out of your timber, the more money we will earn. Simply put, your best interest is also our best interest. This puts us on the same team as our landowners, something a timber buyer, logging company or a veneer company cannot say.  Their objective will always be to buy your timber for as little as possible.  This is not true for us and the employees at 9 West. We want your timber to bring as much as possible so we can share in the mutually beneficial commission based agreement that we have reached.

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